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I’m going to share with you the way that I find is best practice to create the best blog post you can, as quickly and easily as possible. In the first introductory post, I listed all the things you will need to achieve this.

1. It begins with a random idea, usually when I’m not sat in front of my laptop.

2. I grab my iPhone 6, who am I kidding!? I close down instagram and open up my WordPress app!

3. I compose the basic text for my blog in its rambling form and save it as a draft.

4. I reach for my camera and take a few photos (actually like nearly 30 before I get 3/4 good ones) of what ever it is that illustrates said text.

5. I take my SD card out and pop it in my card reader and plug it in to my iPad mini and import said 3/4 good photos. (It’s good practice to delete the photos your not going to use, but I’m in the habit of clogging up all storage devices I can lay my hands on!)

6. I open said photos in Afterlight, up the brightness, up the exposure (if necessary but always a teeny bit), increase the contrast and saturation as required and boom job done. Photo edited and saved to camera roll!

7. I open up my laptop and my wordpress dashboard and by the magic of the internet the blog is sat there waiting for me.



8. I use my Photosync app on my iPad to send over the photos that are waiting to be framed by text, through the air in a blink to my laptop.

9. I open said files in Photoshop. Use a presaved action to resize the images to the exact size of my blog (1000px in my case) and save each one with the relevant meta data for the image. Eg “Bristol lifestyle Blog Mermaid Gossip Tuesday Treasures Outfit Post” or something like that.

10. I flick back to my wordpress dashboard and upload the photos to the blog post, making sure I copy and paste the image title in to the alt tag.

11.I insert the images, set the featured image, set the category and tag, and use Yoast to set my SEO keywords for the post and meta description. (Oops that’s kind of 5, buts it’s a step I take all at the same time in that order!)



14.Open buffer.

15. Share several links to said post on Twitter via Buffer.



Bristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid Gossip

2 thoughts on “15 Steps to the Perfect Blog Post // Blogboss

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    Donna - November 14, 2014

    You have made my day. How did I not know about the WordPress app? Why did I not think to look? I follow a similar process but reach for my
    iPhone and tap away in my notes- no more! I have the app downloading as I type. Thank you! I will also have a look at buffer as I need something like that as do it all manually at the moment. Fab! Really helpful when bloggers open up about their work flow :)

    1. Reply
      admin - November 14, 2014

      Awe Yay! Glad I could help! Thanks for reading! x

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