Beach Trips and Tattoos

Good Morning lover! How you doing? Did you enjoy the heatwave this weekend?! Shame it’s so grey today though. Usually the rain and dull vibes make me feel pretty rubbish but I woke up feeling super enthusiastic for a Monday morning. I’ve had a few days out of the office, which has left me feeling refreshed and inspired.

I travelled down to Bournemouth on Friday as I was booked in for the next part of my tattoo. I had a lovely drive down in the sunshine. I had the windows down, the roof off (kinda – really I just took the sunroof thingy off!) and the music up, whilst I drove through the rolling countryside of Somerset and Dorset. It was only a flying visit, I’d have like to have stayed and enjoyed the beach for the entire weekend but it was Brad’s dad birthday on Saturday so we had more beach plans that I needed to get back to. I stayed at my mums on Friday night and met up with Grandma whilst I was there and enjoyed some family time.

Mermaid Gossip Pink and Orange Ombre Hair Beach Trips and Tattoos Mudeford Quay Bournemouth Sunshine Lifestyle Blog

We spent the evening on a deserted beach at Portishead on Saturday night for Brad’s dads birthday. The west coast beaches are nothing in comparison to the south coast, but I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was. There’s even a tide lido which has recently been cleared out and put back to good use for the first time since the 80s. We enjoyed a BBQ as we watched the sunset, and then as soon as the sun went down, it got really cold so we all decided it was time to go.

Mermaid Gossip Beach Trips and Tattoos Mudeford Quay Bournemouth Sunshine Lifestyle Blog

We had a bit of an eventful trip home, it was the Balloon fiesta this weekend with half a million people travelling to the event at Ashton Court over the weekend. We tried to avoid all the traffic which was leaving the event on our way back, but which ever way we turned, we hit traffic until Brad took some super tight country roads that he knew. At which point we had to employ an emergency stop when the car infront unexpectedly came to a stand still, before slowly driving off and revealing a baby fox curled up under the car. As he tried to run off, it was clear he had been hit and was in a bad way. I couldn’t just leave him knowing he would probably get hit again, been prey for another animal or just be left to die on the side of the road. Brad, bless him, grabbed a towel out the back of the free lander and carefully picked him up whilst trying to calm the fox down. We drove as quickly and carefully as we could, as we kept checking the fox was still breathing, to the 24hour vets. We’re yet to find out if the poor thing made it through the night, but at least we tried!

We spent the day chilling out yesterday and had a film day, it was just what I needed to feel refreshed this morning. If you would like to catch up with my antics, you can watch my Vlogs from last week.



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