It’s been a while since I shared anything over here, after saying I was relaunching the blog a few months back, but I wanted to share our Corfu “babymoon” – for those that aren’t familiar with that phrase, it’s basically the last relaxing holiday we’ll be having before I give birth to our little boy in December!

Yup, I’m pregnant! If for some reason you haven’t been following my journey on instagram and you missed that info, I’m 26/27 weeks pregnant during our holiday. I booked it specifically for those weeks as I didn’t want to run in to complications flying any later than that, although I believe most airlines will allow you to fly up to 32 weeks pregnant. Plus, I think that was a good time during pregnancy to go on holiday, any later and I don’t think I’d have been able to enjoy it. I already struggled a bit with some elements of travel at this stage.

We spent two weeks in Pyramid City Apartments in St Spyridon, North Corfu. I did film a vlog which you can watch below but it feels like just a small snippet of a few random days, and no content or explanation in between. I didn’t vlog too much over the two weeks as we couldn’t/didn’t do too much. So I thought it was worth following up with more of an explanation incase you’ve discovered this blog and are planning your babymoon and want some tips.

First up, I think two weeks was probably a bit too long in the heat we had. I think in hindsight, ten days would be the optimum time. On account of not being able to do too much of anything for too long, particularly if like me, you’re not very active at the best of times! It was too hot to walk around for too long, and my pelvic pain was at it’s height so I was also in a bit of pain teamed with the heat was uncomfortable. Even lying by the pool on the sunbeds was also uncomfortable, but luckily I was prepared with my trusty inflatable rainbow cloud, that I bought to take with me, it was a DREAM! Honestly I think that was the highlight of my holiday and the most comfortable place I could be, floating around on a cloud in the shade of our pool all week.

We had a few excursions being able to drive around in our hire car, along all the bumpy Corfu roads. The baby was all shook up, but it was nice to see the island with the pleasure of the aircon. We saw some gorgeous views from some of the highest points. We hired a boat for the afternoon and spent some time floating around in gorgeous turquoise waters amongst the fishes. Found the calmest most serene beach with crystal clear waters, you couldn’t see where the sea ended and sky began (“See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me” Name the song!)

Our apartment and pool were perfect for what we wanted, there was only 8 other apartments and we were lucky enough to mostly have the pool to ourself every day, bar a few and it was so quiet most of the time. I’m so glad we found somewhere to truly relax, since doing much else was off limits. We read books, and listened to podcasts about all things baby related. Spend the time together with nothing else to think about, connecting, talking, planning, as a couple about everything that is about to hit us!

I feel like all I captured in the vlog is me grumbling abut being pregnant, but I mean first world problems right!? It was a big part of the babymoon being uncomfortable, but thats just pregnancy I guess! I will always look back and remember the time I got to spend with Brad, our last holiday pre-child – until we can send him to mums for a week and escape somewhere, Soooo when does that happen!? #FTM


It’s been over a year since I’ve written a blog post. I felt like blogging was dead and there was no point any more. Then I started a trip down memory lane looking back at all our old family trip blog post and I realised how much I miss sharing my life in my own space, and having those memories to always look back on.

Emily gossip

My lack of blogging, coincides with the time I’ve been spending launching and growing The Gossip Nail Bar, it’s taken a lot of my time and I needed to focus on almost exclusively on my business because it’s been so busy.

Over the year, I’ve been able to keep consistent on Instagram whilst I’ve not been blogging and recently just got back on YouTube but both those spaces feel like supply and demand. You want to see outfits on my plus size figure, and that’s fine by me. My channels have seen a lot of growth by giving you what you want. However I feel like those channels have lost my personal passion that I so enjoyed when I first started my blog – plus I have a bunch of photos that don’t have a place any more.

So I’ve decided to bring back my blog under the new personal guise of Emily Gossip which now feels more me than ever, as a place to share my life, my family, my achievements and struggles. Think of it as my own personal open diary, ad we’ll see how it goes. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to keep up with any schedule but I’ll just try and post when I’ve got something to share or memories to keep safe!

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