Fifties Danish Style Living Room Decor

I have been wanting to do this kind of post since we moved in to our house in Bristol two years ago (almost to the day). We moved in in a bit of a rush, with only 8 weeks to turn a delapitated 1930’s property in to something I was proud to call my home. We thought it would be enough time to get everything up to scratch with all hands on deck, until we had some roofing complications (the whole thing needed replacing!) and Brad spent four weeks on top of the house re doing the entire roof (he’s a clever boy!). So the whole process was pretty rushed and we did what we could (with the small budget we had) to get it to a state that was ready to move in to, we didn’t have a kitchen for three months and that was only finished the week before christmas when our entire family descended apon us.

Mermaid Gossip Fifties Danish Style Living Room Inspo


Since then, we have done very little to the interior. We have both been busy with work and getting in to the swing of things with life together, building our family and making memories. Recently I have been getting very frustrated with the state of the house, it’s ok and could be worse but it doesn’t really show off our design style and feels like it is time to start doing all the things I have been planning for two years.

Mermaid Gossip Fifties Danish Style Living Room Inspo

Brad goes away to work in France in a couple of weeks, so I have decided to take some time off and start to conquer the living room. Currently we have a (fifteen year old hand me down from my old family home) sofa that used to be cream that now looks like a failed tie-dye attempt, since I decided to try and dye the cream covers to a turquoise shade, and a brown leather sofa that we picked up from a charity shop. The hideous (IMO) terracotta carpet was chosen by Brad and his dad the day before I moved in from Bournemouth which is so depressive, I can’t stand it. It’s all a complete mismatch with no real identity with brown-y beige walls and dark brown bookcase wallpaper and needs a complete over haul.

Mermaid Gossip Fifties Danish Style Living Room Inspo

So, of course I have taken to pinterest to bring my dream alive. I have about a £500 to do the entire room and that includes buying new sofas and some furniture to bring it all in to a theme that we are happy with. Naturally I want all the rooms in our house to be instagrammable(!) and have some real character, teamed with being a creative space that is cosy and comfortable. I have plans to lift the carpet, sand the original 1930s floor boards back. An off-white, grey, mustard yellow, and teal colour palette in mind and G-plan and fifties inspired danish furniture to source. I will be mixing old with new to create my fifties danish style living room.

Fifties Danish Living Room Inspiration

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Fifties Danish Living Room Wish List

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Things I Love Thursday // Home Styling & Fun DIY’s

Good Morning Gorgeous, How has your week been? My brain has mostly been obsessed with getting our house sorted this week. We had some family over for dinner on Tuesday eve so from the moment I stepped back through the door after my weekend away, I was dead set on getting sorted and having a huge tidy up. I also have a few plans in the pipeline for some restyling of our house, and there’s more on that tomorrow with a new style of post coming up which I am very excited about.

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Getting a new Emperor size bed, thats 7ft, FOR FREE off of Gumtree on Sunday night, it’s so comfortable!

Getting healthy on Monday, sadly I have been too busy to keep it up all week but I hope to have time for a bike ride or walk later today.

Autumn cleaning, I swear you don’t realise how messy something is until you start cleaning, it’s like opening up a can of worms!

Seeing my Aunty Juilette and Cas for dinner on Tuesday, I can’t believe it’s been over a year! Note to self: MUST make more time for friends and family.

Spending 9-5 on Wednesday out of the office at Oxford Brookes with the Photo Booth for the Freshers Fair, I felt like I was back in a proper job again and it was quite re-FRESH-ing!

Getting an invite to London from my dude, Laura Power. We are off to London tomorrow to see a fashion photography talk, and a general mooch around. I am looking forward to taking lots of photos for the blog next week.

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday

Business & Blog Stuff

I am looking forward to reading the entire series on Creative Careers, this week there’s advice on how to be a features writer.

If you are just starting a business, or even been going for a few years, this is a must read! 

Fun Stuff

How to create a simple side braid.

♥ I am thrilled to see some of my fav YouTubers are crossing over and making their way to the mainstream on Radio 1, I feel like these guys are setting the way for so many younger people who can now aspire to so many more diverse careers. I love that the internet opens up so many opportunities to earn money in different ways than ever before.

♥ I have been printing photos for the wall this week, but this is such a great idea to pop on the coffee table. Get Instagram out of your phone and in to an album!

♥  My business Fishee Designs Photo Booth has been featured on Rock n Roll Bride, and Nubby Twiglet’s blog.

♥  Glitter Confetti Dipped Balloons – YES PLEASE!

Style & Design Stuff

This desperately makes me want to rip up the carpet on my stairs and get the paint out!

♥  The comprehensive guide to pink hair


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I Heart Instagram Tag

A few weeks back, Alexis from Strange and Charmed AKA Miss Trenchcoat, tagged me to do the I Heart Instagram Tag which she created. I love instagram and am a little obsessed with it to say the least so I was very excited to do this tag, I have also filmed it so if you would just like to watch my answers then please skip to the bottom of the post!

What’s your instagram handle?


How many people do you follow?


How many followers do you have?


What are your favourite #hashtags?

 #dogsofinstagram #instapuppy #mermaid #unicorn #love #crownandglory

What is your favourite genre of photos?

 Lifestyle, Colourful, Fashion

How often do you post?

 Sometimes, 5 times a day if I am up to something fun, sometimes none, but on average 3 times a day.

How often do you check instagram?

 ALL THE TIME!! Whenever I am not doing anything else!

What’s your fav filter?

 I don’t use any instagram filters, i’m an Afterlight App girl.

Purist or Rebel?

 Rebel – I use all kinds of images on my instagram profile but 90% are taken and edited on my iPhone.

Three fav instagram profiles currently?

 @kategabrielle @melonladybaby @amythemermaidx


You can check out the video below and don’t forget to head on over and give me a little follow!

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Tuesday Treasures // Dark Floral

I am a huge fan of all things floral all year round but I do love this time of year when the dark floral prints start to come in to the shops. I am looking forward to wearing a lot of black, burgundy, golds, deep blues and purple shades this autumn winter. I have already seen lots of items I have been lusting over so here is a round up of the best I have seen online for your outfit inspiration.

Outfit Inspiration

Mermaid Gossip Tuesday Treats Dark Floral Outfit Inspiration

Featured: Crown and Glory Flower Crown  ♥ Karen Millen Dark Floral Dress  ♥ Holographic Jacket ♥  Jeffery Campbell Oil Leak Boots  ♥  Unicorn Clutch ♥  Cross Earrings ♥  Skull Necklace ♥  Models Own Purple Haze 


Best Dark Floral Online

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Outfit Post // Rock Cat

Today, I have decided to up my blog posting game, so if you came here looking for Tuesday Treasures, you can find that later on today where I am making space for all things awesome, so from now on you will be able to find an outfit post every tuesday morning.

Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat

OMG this Skirt!!!! We went in to Sainsburys over the weekend (for food and cider!) and this skirt was on the first end rail as I walked in the shop and I just couldn’t not have it!! I have been looking at getting a black faux leather skirt for a while but apart from a gorgeous vintage one I saw a while back, which most definitely wasn’t my size, I haven’t found any nice ones that I liked. Then I saw this – IT EVEN HAS POCKETS!!

Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat

As you know I am a fan of the midi full circle skirt (and skirts in general) my collection is getting rather large now, but I just can’t stop, they’re everything my big ass and slim waist needs for a flattering silhouette.

Featured in the photos: Crown and Glory cat ears ♥ Wild Love t-shirt from Primark last year ♥  Sunglasses from Romwe ♥ Leather Skirt Sainsbury’s ♥  Selected rings from Cheap Frills   Shoes I think they were Yumi last year  

Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock CatMermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat

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