Things I Love Thursday // A Very Kitsch Shed

There is a lot to love this week, first and foremost, is my shed… It is now (almost) fully decorated and I am currently sat in my pink gingham fireside armchair with puggy on my lap. Surrounded with white wooden walls and kitch pastel teal and pink canvasses up and pink rose fairy lights twinkling around me… I even picked up a teak fold down table from a junk furniture shop and have half covered it in pink floral sticky back plastic (I didn’t work out how much I needed so I need to go and get somemore and hope that they have the same pattern!) This is finally my perfect work area! There’s still lots I want to do with it such as have a bit more furniture, some shelving or something to store a few bits and pieces. I need a floor lamp for working in to the evening and possibly a heater for the colder winter months that feel like they are closing in. Aaand there is a few finishing touches to made to the paint work around the doors and windows, but I was so eager to get in here, I just couldn’t wait to start work any longer! I think it may even be a space that Brad and I can sit of an evening enjoying the view, with some dinner and wine!

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday A Very Kitsch Shed4

Things I Love Thursday

Decorating my shed inside and out, my office is finally in use.

 Of course, launching my new Mermaid Gossip website and getting some great feedback.

 Covering my fireside armchair myself, saving £400 if I had have got someone else to do it, it is by no means perfect but it will do me and my shed.

 Discovering this Wifi Extender existed to allow me to work at the end of the garden with no trouble with a dropping internet connection.

 Getting back in to my jeans, this actually happened last week but I think I forgot to mention it, I am officially a stone lighter than I was in January! Wuhoo! Go me!

 Spending time catching up with Grandma over the weekend

 Being back in Bournemouth and realising how much I miss the beach, especially now I have Puggy, we went for at least four beach walks over Saturday and Sunday to make the most of it!

 Spending last night with Brad in the shed, eating a lovely meal that he cooked, and making 90s nostalgic playlists on Spotify and blasting music out of the Basscase until midnight last night! So much fun.

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday A Very Kitsch Shed4

Blog & Business Stuff

 If you are looking for some blogging inspiration, The Blogcademy have release four more Home School videos to help.

 Are you so busy you are burning out? I was there just a few weeks ago, put things in perspective, dude!

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday A Very Kitsch Shed4

Fun Stuff

 I love all the treasures that The Dainty Squid has collected from the beach, just makes me wish I was still living near the beach even more!

 All the celebs are doing the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and donating money to a great cause, but this one Katy Perry did is brilliant!

 HAHAHA! These perfectly timed doggy photos are just brilliant!

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday A Very Kitsch Shed4

 Style and Design Stuff

 I am so excited to see more of Kelly Osbourne’s new range – Stories

 How cute is Megan’s Blogstock festival outfit – I hope there will be a round two of this festival so I can go next year!

 Did you see my post yesterday featuring my new Mermaid nails? – Here’s some more cute nail designs.

 Eeeeek and these space cat designs are too cute for words!

 I love this Japanese street style, makes me want to go to Japan!

 I really want to try some of these awesome colour contact lenses for some of my outfit posts in the future.

 I am huge fan of doing and making things for free or almost free, this is such a great way to save £s on a new bed!


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Mermaid Gossip - Bristol Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

DIY Tutorial // How To Do Mermaid Nail Art

If you have been following me on instagram or on my you tube channel, you will know that one of my favourite things to do is go and get my nails done with Kaycie Kyle. I have been going to see Kaycie every four weeks (or more) since December 2012 when I first moved to Bristol. This was the first set I ever had done and I have never looked back. You will never see me with out my nails done, and they will more often than not be embellished with studs, designs and the latest nail trends. I have never had the same set twice becuase there is soooooo many design combinations to try out. In fact, each time I go I say “next time I think I will go for something simple” and it rarely happens, they seem to get more extravagant each time!

If you are in Bristol, I can not recommend Kaycie highly enough, she really is a fantastic nail artist, she has such an eye for detail and has such control with miniature art. Her salon in Brislington is beautifully decorated and adds a touch of luxury, whilst being affordable and fantastic value for money. However, I appreciate, not everyone will be able to get a nail salon, so for the past few months we have been creating videos for you to try these things at home. The videos range in ability and a lot of the videos have been inspiration up until now, but since I have my new blog to create awesome content for (which is all very exciting) we have plans to create some fantastic nail tutorials that you can easily accomplish at home, we will be testing out new techniques and just having fun with nail design. I really hope you continue to enjoy our videos and inspiration.

This week (because I have gone a bit Mermaid mad!) with the launch of the new blog, it seemed only right to do something mermaid inspired, check out the video below to see how we achieved the look.

Mermaid Gossip - Bristol Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Tuesday Treasures // Mermaid on the Rocks

Many of you will be familiar with my on going series from my previous blog space, Tuesday Twinkles. In light of my new space here on Mermaid Gossip, I wanted to rename the series to something more apt. The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney movie and further to that, Part of Your World is my (probably all time) favourite song, so this new series Tuesday Treasures is inspired my all the treasures ariel has in her cave.

“Look at this stuff, Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl, The girl who has everything? Look at this trove, treasures untold, How many wonders can one cavern hold?”

Mermaid on the Rocks - Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion Blog5

Tuesday Treasures (just as Tuesday Twinkles always was) is a cavern of treasures that every wanabe mermaid could ever need in her life. For the most part it will be fashion related and include an outfit post each week, but sometimes I may just spice things up a bit with some gadgets and gizmos a plenty! (see what I did there!) For my first ever Tuesday Treasures, it seemed only fair to keep things mermaid inspired (I am riding this ship as long as it sails!). Back in December I put together this Mermaid Style post, and it was one of my all time most popular Tuesday Twinkles, so I know you love a good mermaid inspired outfit.

Mermaid on the Rocks - Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion Blog

This weekend just gone, I was down in Bournemouth for a wedding with the photo booth, and whilst I was there I was mentally planning all the things I wanted to create for this new blog space of mine. It was well timed and I just HAD to get down to the beach and take some outfit posts and in true mermaid style, I went and sat on some rocks down at Avon Beach to launch this series with a real splash! (Literally – I even got my feet wet and splashed around in the sea!)

Featured in the photos: Shell Headband ♥ I’m really a mermaid collection ♥ Tutu Skirt ♥ Denim Shirt (carboot) originally from Topshop ♥ Jelly Shoes ♥ Socks from Primark ♥ Anklet custom from Disco Beads ♥ Metallic Bag from Claire’s Outlet 

In addition to the most awesome accessories you can see featured in the photos, I also wanted to share the best mermaid inspired treasures that I could find online.

Mermaid Gossip - Mermaid on the Rocks

Shell Charm Necklace ♥ Anchor Necklace ♥ Mermaid Tail Earrings ♥ Urban Mermaid Crop Top ♥ Disney Ariel Handbag ♥ Nail Varnish ♥ Starfish Ring ♥ Little Mermaid Dress Washed Up Mermaid Hair Dye ♥


In other mermaid news:

I NEEEEEED one of these in my life so bad it hurts… Who has $900 to lend me!!??

I must hold a mermaid party just to hire these gorgeous!

This is such an AWESOME way for men to rock the mermaid-man look


Mermaid on the Rocks - Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion Blog

Mermaid on the Rocks - Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion BlogMermaid on the Rocks - Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion BlogMermaid on the Rocks - Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion BlogMermaid on the Rocks - Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion BlogMermaid on the Rocks - Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion BlogMermaid on the Rocks - Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion Blog


Mermaid Gossip - Bristol Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

welcome to mermaid gossip

Thanks so much for heading on over here to check out my new little corner of the internet. You may have been a fan of Fishee Designs, where I used to blog about fashion and life in Bristol. Since it has become so popular, I felt like it needed it’s own identity.

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Alternative Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Did you know the collective noun for a group of mermaids is a gossip of mermaids!!?

If you found this completely randomly, please head on over to Fishee Designs to catch up with all my previous posts, but be sure to come back because I wanted to start some awesome fresh new posts here. If you have been a regular reader of Fishee Designs blog you will find my content is going to be staying pretty much as you would expect for now but I hope it will grow and develop as the new alternative fashion and lifestyle blog does. I am very excited for this new chapter in my life, embracing my inner mermaid and gossiping about life!

I hope you enjoy reading and splash back soon!

Mermaid Gossip - Bristol Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

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