Ok, so this isn’t my usual kind of post, but when Canesten got in touch to see I’d ask my readers “how well do you know your vagina?”, I genuinely felt it was a great cause and something I want to open up about.

Canesten believe that if women know more about their intimate health – which can be an embarrassing or uncomfortable topic to talk about – they will be better equipped to make the right health decisions. If women are more willing to speak openly, this can help them to be more confident and comfortable in their own bodies and happier overall.

I’d like to think you know me well enough by now to know, nothing is off topic here, I basically have no filter. I’m happy to talk about most things! Why is there such taboo about discussing our intimate areas? There’s a lot going on down there and we should be able to talk about it with friends IRL and online. I certainly don’t know enough about what certain symptoms mean, and what to do about it. I only scored 3/6 on the Myth Busting quiz, why don’t you enter here – a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mermaid Gossip How well do you know your vagina? Canesten Myth Buster Quiz Win £50 Amazon voucher
This is the reason why Canesten is committed to helping women. By offering them healthcare products and knowledge, Canesten aims to keep women in control of their intimate health. Often there are large knowledge gaps about intimate health – most likely due to the persistent stigma surrounding such topics. They want women to understand their intimate health and specifically highlight the differences between Thrush and BV, as bacterial vaginosis often referred to, as a misunderstanding of the treatment needed can have a detrimental effect.


Why not expand your knowledge by taking their short Myth Bustering quiz! To be in with a chance to win £50 amazon voucher, take the quiz with this  Rafflecopter giveaway
comment below with your score and I’d love it if you also shared this on your socials to spread the word to all your squad. Let’s talk vag!


BV is the most common cause of vaginal infections in women of childbearing age, yet women are still confused between this and thrush. Over 75% of women will suffer from thrush at least once in their life, whilst sufferers of BV may not have even heard of the condition itself. Bacterial vaginosis, or as it more commonly known, BV is caused by the presence of certain bacteria which leads to a pH imbalance in your vagina. Your vagina is normally acidic, which helps prevent bad bacteria from growing and maintains the level of good bacteria called lactobacillus. If this pH balance becomes less acidic, it can affect the environment of your vagina, which in turn can lead to the development of BV. Most people experience symptoms such as: unpleasant odour, watery discharge, greyish white looking discharge. Different factors can affect the pH balance of your vagina, including over-washing with perfumed soaps and shower gels in the intimate area, using antibiotics and having sexual intercourse.


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