Building a Shed Storage Bench #girlshed

I sat down this morning and whilst I got a few over due admin bits sorted first thing, it went down hill from there. I’ve been distracted this week, I think can only put it down to having such a busy one last week, that this week my brain just decided not to function properly. I sat and made a shopping basket on, then closed it, I sat and looked at social media for a bit, I ordered a new flower crown. But that wasn’t getting any work done and I was just wasting time.

So naturally I decided to build a shed storage bench for my #girlshed! As you may have seen, I created quite a bit of garden furniture which means lots of cushions, blankets and throws. Which is fine when we have some consistent nice weather and they were in use in the garden, but the moment it rains, the first (and only) place it can all go is in to my shed. Which means I’ve no room to move and it had all got a little cluttered. I have been meaning to find some time to have a clear out and add some storage for some time.

Girl Shed Build a Shed Storage Bench Mermaid Gossip Lifestyle Blogger Bristol

I was inspired by the seats and table formation of a caravan (and some thing I saw on Shed of the Year!) and wanted to create two benches either side, that the table from the middle, turns it in to a bed by slotting the table top in the middle of the two benches.

Girl Shed Build a Shed Storage Bench Mermaid Gossip Lifestyle Blogger Bristol


I decided, instead of sitting around on my bum procrastinating all day, to pop to Proper Job to pick up some 2×2 lengths of wood (hehe! lengths of wood #filthymind) to build a frame for bench seat with a lid that lifts up to store stuff in. I’m really no handy andy when it comes to DIY, I’m a real bodger so I’m not going to sit here and show you how I did it, but it looks pretty now, see! It was blooming hard work just creating the bodge I made, so Brad said he would help me do it properly on the other side. Then I can create a proper how to for you, with the legit way of doing it!



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