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I have been dying my hair for many years now, in fact I haven’t seen my natural colour since I was about 13 (apart from those pesky roots that keep coming through!). Over the years I have learned the best way to do things and what not to do. Ie: don’t use five strong peroxides on your hair in one weekend when trying to dye your hair from black to blonde! Yup, I did that at about aged 14/15 and my hair turned in to a chewing gum esq state. BE WARNED! After not learning my lesson, it was at the age of 18 that my hair was in such a bad condition I had to have it cut to above my shoulders and go back to a colour not far off my natural colour for a few to years to repair my hair.

Whilst we were away last week, we got rained on quite a bit, that combined with swimming in the sea, all that salty water completely faded my hair out and went a kind of silvery blonde with hints of minty green, randomly. So when I got back, I decided it was a good time to bleach my roots and try something a bit different, I quite liked the silvery blonde that was more predominant framing my face, it just needed a bit of fixing up.

Mermaid Gossip - How to dye your hair pink

How To Dye Your Hair Pink

The base in which you start with will will impact the end result, and if you want a really pastel pink, you will need to have as netural base as possible. To start with you will need to bleach your hair as instructed on the packet. It has taken me a long time to get my hair so white blonde to be able to take my pastel shade of blonde, and I have gradually lightened it, and the shade of pink, over time so please don’t try and achieve this if your a newbie, pastel hair is an investment you will need to give a lot of time to. If your a first time home bleacher, take it easy and go very carefully. I AM NOT A HAIRDRESSER OR A PROFESSIONAL! (I can’t be held responsible for any damages so make sure you read all the instructions!!!!!!!!)

You will need:

Mermaid Gossip - How to dye your hair pink

I apply the bleach directly to my roots using the brush provided. I use the sectioning technique and section my hair in to fifths. Starting with my fringe (mostly because I knew I wanted to keep it blonde and it would need the longest development time). I then do the two front sections, from my crown to my ears. I then part the remaining back section and work from my crown to my neck. I had to use one and half packets just to do the first few inches from the root because I have a lot of hair (and because I am quite liberal with it). Please be aware if you also have a lot of hair or you are doing the full lengths you will need two packs. Please read the label to find out the recommended coverage.

When dying my roots, they ALWAYS go a little ginger because my natural colour is quite a dark mousey brown. Instead of leaving the mixture on to a damaging state, I use lots and lots of toner. The good thing about the bleach I have featured here, it already comes with a platinum toner, which is basically a lilac toned conditioner.

Mermaid Gossip - How to dye your hair pink

As you can see it was preeeetty yellow at the roots, so I used a covering of toner all over and then used the touch of silver shampoo and conditioner which works the same, and knocks out any brassy tones and gives you a whiter/more silvery blonde. I gave my hair a double shampoo and condition to get it to this stage.

To mix up the colour, it very much depends how dark/light a shade you want to achieve. I used half the bottle of conditioner in a separate pot that I could close and keep if there was any left over. A good tip is also to use an old conditioner bottle, but make sure you can see through the plastic to see what the shade is when you mix. Make sure you use a white conditioner too so you can get an accurate gauge of the shade. I then added two parts pink to one part purple, after mixing, I then added more pink until I was happy with the shade. You want the colour of the mixture to be about twice the shade you will want the end result.

Mermaid Gossip - How to dye your hair pinkMermaid Gossip - How to dye your hair pink

It is always best to apply your chosen colour to dry hair as it’s more porous and will absorb the colour better. So I dried my hair off. My fringe (which I wanted to keep blonde) was still looking a bit brassy, so before I started applying the pink dye, I applied more platinum toner and left it on whilst I applied the pink to the back section. Be warned the toner does have purple tones in it and does essentially work like a dye if you leave it long enough, I was perfectly happy to have a slight lilac tinge to my front section but don’t leave it too long if you just want a white blonde.

Mermaid Gossip - How to dye your hair pink

I then applied my three parts pink and one part purple mixture from the root two thirds of the way down the length of my hair. Along with my blonde fringe, I also wanted a bit of an ombre style with silvery blonde tips so after putting the colour mixture through the roots for about four inches, I pulled it through the rest by twirling my hair in sections and working the colour down.

Mermaid Gossip - How to dye your hair pink


Mermaid Gossip - How to dye your hair pink

It’s best to leave the colour on for as long as you can to achieve a long lasting colour, I have heard some people even leave it over night, but I left mine for about an hour. Since it’s just a conditioner mix, it won’t harm your hair and actually does the opposite.

You can apply the colour in any creative way you see fit, the point of having a funky colour in your hair is to have fun with it. Why not tweet me your colour hair! Tweet: @mermaidgossip #hairporn #whatcolourisyours I love to be inspired by other shades, and I’d love to know any tips you have that I can share and try out!

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    Donna - January 12, 2015

    You’re hair is beautiful. What are your fav shampoos/conditioners for maintaining your coloured hair? I’ve heard alcohol can strip the colour but it seems to be in so many! Also if you ever did a video on how you bleach your roots I would love you for it. I have a kind of ombré thing going on as I’m too worried about maintaining bleached roots (I have v.dark hair) and can’t afford for a professional to do it sadly.

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