DIY Tutorial // How To Do Mermaid Nail Art

If you have been following me on instagram or on my you tube channel, you will know that one of my favourite things to do is go and get my nails done with Kaycie Kyle. I have been going to see Kaycie every four weeks (or more) since December 2012 when I first moved to Bristol. This was the first set I ever had done and I have never looked back. You will never see me with out my nails done, and they will more often than not be embellished with studs, designs and the latest nail trends. I have never had the same set twice becuase there is soooooo many design combinations to try out. In fact, each time I go I say “next time I think I will go for something simple” and it rarely happens, they seem to get more extravagant each time!

If you are in Bristol, I can not recommend Kaycie highly enough, she really is a fantastic nail artist, she has such an eye for detail and has such control with miniature art. Her salon in Brislington is beautifully decorated and adds a touch of luxury, whilst being affordable and fantastic value for money. However, I appreciate, not everyone will be able to get a nail salon, so for the past few months we have been creating videos for you to try these things at home. The videos range in ability and a lot of the videos have been inspiration up until now, but since I have my new blog to create awesome content for (which is all very exciting) we have plans to create some fantastic nail tutorials that you can easily accomplish at home, we will be testing out new techniques and just having fun with nail design. I really hope you continue to enjoy our videos and inspiration.

This week (because I have gone a bit Mermaid mad!) with the launch of the new blog, it seemed only right to do something mermaid inspired, check out the video below to see how we achieved the look.

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    CUTE!!! Love them. Also ADORE your new blog, I’m a new regular reader. xxx

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      admin - August 20, 2014

      Awe Yay! Thanks lovely! xxx

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    […] you see my post yesterday featuring my new Mermaid nails? – Here’s some more cute nail […]

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