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Good Afternoon Beautiful! Cor, is it Monday already? I hope your having a good day so far! I have been down the gym for legs bums and tums to try and start the week as mean to go on. I don’t really even feel like I have had a weekend. I was working in wales on Friday night with the Photo Booth, and then in Swindon on Saturday night. And in between that, I spent the day sorting and updating all the prop boxes. I do love my “job” (It never feels like a real job!) but it really was non stop Friday and Saturday. So I made sure I was able to step away from work and at least have one day off on Sunday.

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog - Bristol Make Sunday Special

It was the last day of Bristol’s Make Sunday Special, which is an event put on through the summer on the first Sunday of each month, where a few selected roads in Central Bristol are closed and lots of activities are put on in the streets instead, in a bid to reduce the traffic in the city centre. We have been meaning to go all summer and some how we have managed to get to the end of summer without going, so with the summer weather having a second wind, we thought it was a great day to spend the day mooching around with the pooches.

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog - Bristol Make Sunday Special

There was a pink brass band playing to greet us as soon as we hit Corn Street where the road closures begin, a collection of sofas provided by Emmaus, surrounding a drawing station for the kids, and a giant chess board. The streets full of stalls, street food and artisans. There were mimes, hula hooping, a bike service station and so much more. We meandered the streets observing the colourful madness that had transcended on the town. Occasionally being stopped by passers by, to of course give Logan a ‘smooth’ as they say here in Bristol (a stroke to you and I!). We wondered down to the harbour and sat and had tea (and a pint for Brad) in No.1 Harbourside, and then on to a new restaurant opened up recently, Spitfire, for some food. We wandered on a little bit further before we caught the ferry back to the centre to head home. We were all pretty pooped after all that walking so spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with The X Factor repeats – So rock n roll!!


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