It’s been over a year since I’ve written a blog post. I felt like blogging was dead and there was no point any more. Then I started a trip down memory lane looking back at all our old family trip blog post and I realised how much I miss sharing my life in my own space, and having those memories to always look back on.

Emily gossip

My lack of blogging, coincides with the time I’ve been spending launching and growing The Gossip Nail Bar, it’s taken a lot of my time and I needed to focus on almost exclusively on my business because it’s been so busy.

Over the year, I’ve been able to keep consistent on Instagram whilst I’ve not been blogging and recently just got back on YouTube but both those spaces feel like supply and demand. You want to see outfits on my plus size figure, and that’s fine by me. My channels have seen a lot of growth by giving you what you want. However I feel like those channels have lost my personal passion that I so enjoyed when I first started my blog – plus I have a bunch of photos that don’t have a place any more.

So I’ve decided to bring back my blog under the new personal guise of Emily Gossip which now feels more me than ever, as a place to share my life, my family, my achievements and struggles. Think of it as my own personal open diary, ad we’ll see how it goes. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to keep up with any schedule but I’ll just try and post when I’ve got something to share or memories to keep safe!

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