#SkinCareAware Week With Destination Skin

I have to be totally honest with you, I have never been one for much of a skin care routine and I have never been very #skincareaware. It has only been in the last year or so that I have started to dabble in a routine and try out new products. I have definitely realised that since I am now pushing 30 I need to start looking after my skin, particularly more so now that the summer is creeping up on us.

When Destination Skin got in touch to inform me that next week is #SkinCareAware week, and to see if I would like to pop along to one of their branches to see what would be the best skin care routine for me, I thought I could do with some professional advice and booked my appointment. Although, I must have been lucky, as my skin isn’t that bad, but I do suffer with a redness to my cheeks and have some pigmentation from sun damage. I also have some crows feet creeping in and not to mention the bags under my eyes.

I’m not the best person for relaying scientific information but in simple terms, your skin has three layers and over time the top layer can break down and be damaged by our daily activities and become thin. I’m sure we all are aware of this. What I didn’t know, is that the bottom layer of skin is there to hold it in place (so were not all walking around like some kind of year 8 science class skeleton model!) and as we age, if we don’t take care of our skin, that layer actually comes away from our structure and that’s what gives us wrinkles and saggy skin. You read up on the science bit on Destination Skin’s blog which has lots of helpful information if you are also looking to start a skincare regime.

I have been prescribed a concoction of products to aid my new skin care routine. I have been using them for about two weeks now and I my skin is already looking healthier. Today I went in to the Destination Skin branch in Bristol again, to try out the light therapy treatment which helps boost collagen in the skin and target the pigmentation. Although it takes 1-3 months to really see a proper difference, I could see my skin was definitely less red when I came out.

It has been really great to be educated on my skin, I used to think it was all a load of jargon, but it’s great to hear the science behind it all and actually understand why I should be looking after my skin.


The #skincareaware campaign is brought to you by DestinationSkin to help protect, prevent and correct past and future skin damage. To prove their commitment to improving skin health, DestinationSkin are offering free skin scanning throughout the campaign. A skin scan is a quick and easy way to take a deeper look at the health of your skin under a UV lamp to identify areas of sun damage (pigmentation), dehydration and oiliness.

You can also enter their competition to be in with a chance to win £1000 worth of skincare products

*this post has been made possible with the help of Destination Skin and the #SkinCareAware campaign









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    Bianka - May 6, 2015

    That’s awesome! I had no idea black lights showed that

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